Company Profile

Eco-Block & Pavers (EBP) Nig. Ltd is a privately owned business registered in the year 2014 after two (2) years of manufacturing (commencing in the year 2012) of interlocking pavers for the sole purpose of meeting the landscaping needs of its now affiliate company, Eco-Building Systems Nig Ltd, a quality panelized building real estate developer. The experience gathered over the years inspired the founder of EBP, Mr. Okechukwu Nwakwesi, to begin a process that should eventually contribute to the transformation of the Nigerian landscape from its mainly mundane state into a picturesque, enhanced quality hardscape that is designed to suit each application.

At EBP, cutting corners when it comes to quality is simply not an option. Today, we employ a team of thirty five (35) qualified/trained Nigerians who are responsible for overseeing the 21-hour, 6-day a week operating schedule of our production plant as well as interfacing with the clients to ensure that their service needs are met cost-effectively, without compromising quality and in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

We have a current production capacity of 8,500 square meters of interlocking in each calendar month. All our products are manufactured to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard, and also comply with the applicable SON (Standards Organization of Nigeria) quality standard.

We represent a world-renowned pigment manufacturer with our focus being on pigment formulations designed for use in the construction industry. Consequently, we use only the best pigments available on the international market, and for this reason, we can guarantee that your landscape will remain rich in color over the years as though it was laid just yesterday.

Through the use of innovative landscape architecture software, we are able to design your ideal landscape, so that you can visualize before you actualize. We deliver, at reasonable cost, to site anywhere in Lagos State, as well as locations in neighboring states (within a proximity of 100km from the border) that have a suitable access road. At the instance of the customer, we engage reputable haulage companies to deliver to locations within all other States of the Federation.